By: Mike Noble

Color Choices for House Painting in Orlando Can Help You De-stress

Home is the only place in the world where everyone can lie down, relax, and be themselves. It is in the comfort of their own homes that people get to unwind from the stress that life has thrown upon them.

However, if even your home cannot ward off the stress that follows you from work, then maybe a fresh start is in order. A Huffington Post article published February 10, 2014 details the trends that are prevalent in house painting for Orlando homes and other households around the country. Kelly Coleman writes:

According to Mary Lawlor, the color-marketing manager for Kelly-Moore Paints, “What we expect to see in 2014 is a refreshed lighter palette of colors.” She speculates that the trend towards fresh, light colors is a response to previous years’ tendency towards darker colors.

“The pendulum is now shifting,” she says. Due to the blending of different cultures within families, “we are now seeing colors put together that haven’t been put together before.” Lawlor cites blending gold and turquoise with a yellow-influence neutral tone as an example of this.

It has been known that color has different effects on mood. Red is known to stimulate appetite, and a lot of food chains utilize the color to their advantage. Homeowners who feel stressed can opt for colors that can help them calm down.

Color Choices for House Painting in Orlando Can Help You De-stress

If you feel that you need to change the color of your rooms, then it is apt to call a reliable Orlando painter like one from Noble Paint & Trim. Such a painter would know the peculiarities of their line of work and thave the equipment and experience needed to efficiently paint those challenging spots in your rooms.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little change of scenery to push the stress away. Repainting your rooms is one effective way of achieving that goal.

(Source: Hottest design Colors of 2014, Huffington Post, February 10, 2014)

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